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Days soon after synagogue massacre, on line detest is thriving Victories are challenging to appear by for people Doing the job to stop the vitriol on considerably-ideal Sites and discussion boards that opponents say fuel true-world bloodshed

When even the anarchist friends from the persons under demo abandoned them the people from Cyprus Indymedia kept helping, stored fighting and sooner or later assisted holding men and women away from jail.

o- has NEVER acknowledged any with the multitude of Invites to affix indymedia. o- he was By no means a member on the Business.

Ofertar agora A person easy style and design in Photoshop Encerrado remaining I choose to isolate the 3 foods and generate an image much like the home1 slide1.

British isles local climate: extended warm spells, hotter summer time times Britain's national weather conditions forecasting company suggests warm spells and tropical evenings are raising in Britain since the climate modifications

δεν μπορώ να αντιληφθω πότε θα αρχίσετε να μιλάτε εναντίον του θεσμού κράτους καθαυτού

Στέλλουμε αυτό το γράμμα ως ομάδες του αντιεξουσιαστικού, αναρχικού, ελευθεριακού και αντιρατσιστικού χώρου στην Κύπρο.

It appears that evidently some Feedback are now being posted listed here which can be too lengthy, and the automatic program is rejecting them, when leaving a trace in the admin resources.

οπότε κακώς ταυτίζονται με άλλες εποχές και άλλες καταστάσεις τις οποίες εν πάση περιτώσει εγώ αγνοώ

This activity commenced in Facebook Groups and has grown substantially. Much more than 450 million individuals go to invest in and provide groups every month — from households in an area neighborhood to collectors around check here the globe.

A further among the accusations is usually that we supposedly printed "info on the private lifetime of a woman comrade, deeply violating her privacy." The person in problem is really a general public figure who's politically Lively within the context of funding through the US Point out Section and US AID. The knowledge we posted is already community know-how which she herself has made public by way of her conduct, and the news has long been buzzing for many several years now as "juicy gossip" in each and every cafe and political collecting.

Χεστήκαν που η αστυνομία εμπήκεν στο σπίτιν ενός αθώου με διαταγήν του κόμματος τζιαι της Εισαγγελείας, που επαρακολουθούσαν τον υπολογιστήν του.

For more explanations, informations or anything on the case of Cyprus IMC we're at your disposal.

Οι συκοφάντες και ψευδοκατήγοροι μας, που ζητούν να λογοδοτήσουμε γιά τα δικά τους ψέμματα, έχουν κάποιο ζίου-ζίτσου να κάμουν με τον εσωτερικό τους εαυτό, και καλό θα ήταν να το κάμουν. Εμάς δεν μας αφορά η δική τους εσωτερική πάλη.

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